About Us

TMRS Consulting is a reputable SKILLS TRAINING AND RECRUITMENT CONSULTING FIRM registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and serving diverse organizations across varying industries. We are a preferred choice when clients think of recruitment, outsourcing and soft skills training for their organizations.

Our team comprises certified Human Resource Professionals in various HR functions, both as generalists and specialized professionals, from recruitment to learning and development, payroll management, performance management and certified interview panelists with ample experience for dignified numbers of years in the competitive HR world. 

Our detailed recruitment foray began in 2016, a journey which has earned us excellent record that has set us apart within the few years of existence in the recruitment and Human Capital Development space. The list of our clientele includes 3CHUB Technology, FASTANET Limited, Colorado Levitikal Construction, Strongmas Properties, Eminent Computers and a host of other reputable organizations.

Our team of professionals are willing to take the stress off you as job owners and deliver a well-balanced talents that are capable of handling your business activities efficiently. Since sustainability and growth of your organization is our focus, we make it our priority with a specialized and tailor-made solutions that suit your business ideals.

We manage recruitment processes excellently well with cost effective process of sourcing qualified and efficient talents and we deliver to clients promptly, with high degree of professionalism. Our behavioral based questioning and evaluation styles, deliver value for every expense made, a cost effective talent sourcing and management processes, using global methods of queries to obtain valuable information and residual traits for an excellent match to fill roles in your organization. This has given us an edge as a preferred firm in the recruitment and talent management space. 

Our niche transcends all skills training and recruitment components and we have been considered and pronounced as a firm that delivers recruitment brief at its best and carry out talent background verification effortlessly which are necessary for employers peace of mind. 

TMRS Consulting delivers with your best interest at heart. That's why our tag line says: “TMRS minding the growth pathway”.

Our services include:

We adopt valued recruitment metrics and analytics. Our problem-solving approach to issues and challenges of hiring, with background checks and verification of facts and figures, is second to none particularly as they are values required in the 21st Century recruitment practice space.